Thursday, March 31, 2011


All of us, except Jacob
My sister Emily with her husband
My brother Nick and his Family

My brother Jason with his family, Jacob was missing

Baby Jacob

As I have been thinking about things that I am grateful for I cant help but think of my family. My family is the greatest and they are always there for me, even though sometimes there is drama, like in every family there is also a lot of love. There is also something to be said about adding nieces and nephews and grand kids to the mix, its as if they bring a whole new found love to the family. If I am ever having a bad day or feeling sad about something all I need to do is think of them and I always feel better. This last weekend I got a text from my sister in law Emily, that said "me and your brother are going out and when I asked the girls who they wanted to babysit they said you. This may seem like a small thing to some of you but to me this was a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father. When I moved away for school I missed out on a lot of family things like parties, get togethers, and bonding with my nieces and nephews. I am so glad that I get to be close to my family and be a part as something so small as baby sitting. As my niece Gracie said when her parents left, "we are going to have so much fun" and that we did! I am also grateful that my brothers and my sister married great people and now I have double the siblings to hang out with :)

Another big milestone that happened in our family was that my parents celebrated their 33 wedding anniversary this week. I cant believe my parents have been married that long. they have been through so much together they are such a great example to me.

Moving back to Utah was a very difficult decision for me but I know that at this point in my life I needed to be close to my family, not to close (about an hour away) but it is a nice feeling to know that if I ever need them or want to be a part of a family function I am close enough to drive. I know that heavenly Father puts each of in our families for a reason and I strongly believe that we picked our family. I am so grateful for the family that I have and I love you all very much!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

why i am feelimg so anxious

I am thanful for getting an unexpected pay check from my job in Texas that they owed me
I am thankful for funny things that happen at work that make me laugh
I am thankful for not having to wear a coat
I am thankful for BYU making the swwet 16
I am thankful for missionary experiences
The last couple of days I have been feeling really anxious and I couldn't figure out why. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, work is going good, and I'm not stressed, then it hit me. I am anxious for the BYU game on Thursday!! I know what you guys are thinking, how can this girl be so engrossed in sports?? I have no idea, something about college sports, BYU especially, makes me happy. Its almost as if, because I can't play sports I invest all my emotion into watching them. I always joke that I am the son my dad always wanted(even though he has 2) because I love sports so much, we will go to any and all sports events if we get the chance, its as of me and my dad have bonded over football and basketball games. For example I got a phone call at 11:00PM on Sunday night from my dad saying something to the effect of "I couldn't sleep so I thought I would call you and we could talk about BYU and Jimmer" oh how I love my pops.:)
For those of you living under a rock the month of March BYU has made it into the sweet 16 which they haven't done in 30 years if there is one year that BYU deserve to make it to the championship this is their year!! BYU as a team has broken tons of records and been through a lot of trials and triumphs, including loosing one of their best players at the worst time. We are team to MWC coach of the year,MWC player of the year and MWC defensive player of the year ,not to mention BYU are MWC champions!!!! I am so proud of my team and to be part of such a great school!!! I know that BYU can beat Florida on Thursday to make to to the elite 8 and go onto the final four and then the championship. No matter what happens we are the best team not only on the field but off the field as well!!! We stand up for what we believe in regardless of what the consequences are. It is so nice when a co worker who is not a Mormon comes up to me and says "I'm rooting for BYU because they are an amazing team, but they are also amazing people, when I watch them play there is something about their countenance and attitude that no other team has"!! I love my cougars, good luck!!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

sorry im so boring

I just want to apologize for my boring blog post. I have been reading other blogs and i realize that i have a really boring life. hopefulli i can start finding more exciting things to write about, but for now you will just have to settle for things that i am thankful for :)

March 18 2011

I am thankful for finding shortcuts to work, now it is only a five minute drive
I am thankful that even though i left my handicap sticker in provo i have been able to find close parking all week.
I am thankful for clean clothes and the ability to wash them
I am thankful for make-up to help me feel pretty
I am thankful for non stressful days at work

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


March 15 2011

I am thankful for my dad who listens to the spirit and knows when i need to talk to him so he calls me from Hawaii
I am thankful that tomorrow is hump day
I am thankful for text messages from friends
I am thankful for warm water
I am thankful for my testimony

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another good weekend

I had another good weekend. Friday i went over to my friend Josie's house to play some games with the girls. Saturday i got to hang out with my cousin Brittany and her husband Justin who were visiting from Rexburg. We went to lunch and later that night a whole bunch of us got together to play games. I also got to hang out with both of my brothers and their families to watch the BYU game, even though we lost it was still fun and the cougars still got a 3rd seed in the NCAA tournament. I love weekends like this.

March 14 2011

I am thankful for game nights with family and friends
I am thankful for the spirit
I am thankful for the new candy bar snickers peanut butter (if you have not tries this, you should it is to die for!!)
I am thankful to live in the USA
I am thankful for freedom

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am thankful for music
I am thankful for ward activities
I am thankful for good work evaluations
I am thankful for chocolate
I am thankful for warm days

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


March 8 2011

I am thankful for temples
I am thankful for girl talk over frozen yogurt
I am thankful for sleep
I am thankful for my freedom
I am thankful for the spirit